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Protecting Your Valuable Rugs and Carpets

  Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant and traveler, while traveling through Turkey said, “They weave the choicest and the most beautiful carpet in the world. They also weave silk fabrics of crimson and other colors, of great beauty and richness, and many other kinds of cloth.” The Pazyryk Carpet of Siberia dates back to 5th […]

5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Rugs Regularly in Columbia, South Carolina

No matter where you live, dirt and dust will always find a way to surround you. You may not realize it, but area rugs are just as important as carpets to clean. Area rugs especially, can easily absorb and house these dust particles. The longer you wait to clean them, the more you allow this […]

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How Much is My Oriental Rug Worth?

  By definition, an oriental rug is traditionally hand-knotted or hand-woven. They are true masterpieces, and truly investments you make within your home. Depending on the current demand of oriental rugs, the condition and age of the rug, yours could be either going up in value, or down. There are seven elements that oriental rug […]

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What can I do to keep my pet from marking my rugs?

Aside from creating an unhealthy indoor environment, contamination in carpet and area rug fibers from pet urine can cause permanent damage to surfaces with which it comes in contact. The problem is twofold: bacteria and pH. When urine is first deposited onto a rug, it has a pH of about 5 or 6, which is […]